Yardworx Outdoor Services

Director of Snow & Ice Management

Full-Time in Rogers, MN - Snow - $65k - $100k

Yardworx is hiring for a Director of Snow & Ice Management.

This person will be responsible for the planning and performance of all winter operations. They will be the key decision maker for dispatching while ensuring clients expectations are met.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Monitor the weather, and dispatch staff when needed.
  • Ensure work is meeting the Yardworx Quality Standard.
  • Manage & oversee all staffing / hiring for department
    • Create & maintain candidate pipeline
    • Develop & manager proper hiring & onboarding practices
    • Forecasts staffing to ensure planning for appropriate growth numbers
    • Oversee full time & seasonal staff production
    • Train & develop quality operators
    • Help develop best time management practices
    • Manage and approve payroll hours for department.
  • Hire & Manage all Sub Contractors
  • Set Department goals
    • Set Personal goals
    • Set goals for area managers / team
  • Assist with Invoicing to ensure proper timelines are met.
  • Work with CEO on equipment procurement & life cycle planning
  • Manage KPI’s for department
    • Efficiencies, Billed Man Hours, equipment repairs & damage etc.
  • Manage / oversee all job costing
    • Manage Purchase receipts
    • Manage / oversee all jobs and ensure proper scheduling and closeout is performed.
  • Manage & develop all training programs
  • Manage & Help develop (with safety manager) all safety programs
  • Ensure work is being performed within budgeted hours
  • Maintain communication with leadership team as to the status of the department and key client issues
  • Work with team to resolve client issues and ensure client satisfaction